Ministry to the Military
         & Internationals


                                                                      Current Church Plants Overseas:

                                  Landstuhl, Germany                                                                 Okinawa, Japan

                                                                                                     Wiesbaden, Germany

                                                          Stuttgart, Germany                                                           Guam


                                           Vicenza, Italy                                                           Stavanger, Norway

Future Church Plants Overseas
Grafenwoehr/Vilseck, Germany
Rota, Spain
Lakenheath, England
Seoul, Korea
Osan, Korea
Iwakuni Japan
Misawa, Japan
Sasebo, Japan
Yokosuka, Japan
Yokota, Japan

Current Reformed
Uniform Ministry Sites

Montgomery Military Community
Pastor Terry Fox

Patrick Air Force Base
Mr. Billy Tison
Near Cocoa Beach, East Coast of Florida

San Antonio Military Community
Pastor Ross Fearing

Future Reformed
Uniform Ministry Sites

All Major Military Bases Worldwide

Proposed sites for
Outreach to Military Institutions

West Point
Naval Academy
Air Force Academy
Coast Guard Academy
Virginia Military Institute
Large ROTC Programs
US Military Bases

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