Ministry to the Military
         & Internationals


MM&I will establish Presbyterian and Reformed Churches overseas to meet the spiritual needs of U.S. Military personnel, their families, Department of Defense Civilians, Contractors, Expatriates, and local nationals that speak English as a second language.

MM&I will establish churches that are fully committed to the Word of God, to the biblical administration of the sacraments, and prayer.  We aspire to establish a family of reconciled brothers and sisters who love God and love each other. We want it to be evident to all that the Spirit of God is working in and among them to carry out His sovereign will.

MM&I will encourage and assist the saints to develop a thoroughly Christian worldview which will allow them to think after the pattern of our Lord and live according to His example.

                   MM&I:  A Church Planting Ministry
                    Near U.S. Installations Overseas

MM&I/Reformed Uniform Ministry will seek to be obedient to the "Great Commission" by placing Evangelism and Discipleship Ministers on U.S. bases worldwide.

MM&I/Reformed Uniform Ministry will partner with local reformed churches near U.S. bases to help assimilate new converts to the Christian Faith and those who are learners in the School of Christ into the Body of Christ!

MM&I/Reformed Uniform Ministry will provide training to local churches on how to receive military members and their families into the church.  We want to encourage local churches to be fully invested into the care of these families.  We encourage churches to fully utilize the gifts of their members who are a part of the U.S. Military.  They have a lot to offer!

        MM&I/Reformed Uniform Ministry:  An Evangelistic
   and Discipleship Ministry on U.S. Installations Worldwide

          MM&I:  An English Speaking Presbyterian and
          Reformed Church Planting Ministry Worldwide

MM&I will plant English Speaking Churches in nations where English may not be the "mother tongue" of a large portion of the population.

MM&I will make every effort to reach the native English speakers in these nations.  It is estimated that there are 400-500 million native English speakers around the world.  Many are not living in their native land.  MM&I would also like to begin to reach the over 1 billion people who write and speak English as a second language.  English is the language of commerce around the world. English is expected to retain its dominant position in the world for the foreseeable future.

MM&I wants to share the Gospel with this large group of people.  We want to see them saved and brought into a solid covenant community of believers. Most of the international churches presently come from Pentecostal or Baptist traditions.  We believe the Presbyterian and Reformed Community should zealously engage all the English speakers of the world to include those who converse in it as a second language.

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